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Members of AKB48, Idoling!!!, SUPER☆GiRLS, and AeLL. film new horror movie !
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Hey Readers ! Check this out . This is the JAPAN MOVIE produce by Jolly Rogers productions. The title is KOTSUTSUBO :D  "Kotsutsubo" will be released on May 26th .

AKB48’s Matsubara Natsumi, Idoling!!!’s Yokoyama Rurika, SUPER☆GiRLS’s Miyazaki Rina, and AeLL.’s Shinozaki Ai will participate in the live action film of Yamada Yusuke’s popular novel “Kotsutsubo”. It’s rare for members of different idol groups to meet and act in a movie together. This will be a treat for all of their fans.
The film is about a curse, that if the ashes (bone powder from cremation) of a certain urn are sprinkled on someone, that person will surely die within three days. It shows female high school students keep getting killed off one by one, and the resulting attempt to break the curse.
This will be Matsubara’s first movie and first time in the lead role, “I originally wanted to be an actress and then I joined AKB, so this makes me really happy. I want this to be a great film for my career, so I don’t lose to the other members.
The press was invited to the final day of shooting on February 22nd in Hakone, Kanagawa at a closed school. The crew was on a bullet schedule, filming the movie in just a week. Matsubara commented, “I don’t feel tired at all, but the dark rings under my eyes look terrible (haha). I would say I did everything, like run and run on this cold mountain road.  [The running made me get many scratches].
Matsubara plays the main character, Eri, “The role is contrastive to my happy self, but I acted and changed the way I walked and the way I glanced and things like that. People that are fans of a specific person don’t really get the chance to see the girls from other groups, but I’m glad that through this film they can have a chance know about the other idols in the idol world.
Yokoyama plays the lead character’s childhood friend Mitsuko, “This is my first horror movie, so it was interesting to be able to see all the details of special make-up. I wanted to film more.” She also commented about acting with girls from other groups, “Naturally I knew their names and who they were, so I was really looking forward to it. Since we’re fellow idols, some people think we are rivals, but since it felt like we were in school, we were able to become friends.
Miyazaki, the youngest, also commented, “I have a small body, but the role I play is of a girl with the biggest attitude. I really got into the role, so I hope everyone checks that out.
Shinozaki is currently doing a lot of work as a gravure idol, “It’s so strange that people would be toying around with a funeral urn and that makes it scary and interesting.” She also celebrated her birthday on set, “They held a surprise birthday party for me! It’s my first time being congratulated while shooting, so that made me feel really glad.
“Kotsutsubo” will be in theaters on May 26th.
Source: Eiga TokyoHive

well this is the trailer
well if this movie was release i'll download this movie readers .

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